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  1. How long does it take for an item to be shipped out from the time it’s delivered to my skybox? – Once your item is delivered to your skybox, it will be shipped within 1-2 working days during normal shipping seasons.
  2. After the shipment is cleared, how long does it take for me to receive item? – After Cargo United has cleared the item through Customs, packages are delivered within 1-2 two working days.
  3. What is the heaviest shipment can I bring via Air? – Cargo United can accommodate shipments of all weights and sizes however for shipments exceeding regular weights of 200 pounds or a volume greater than 88 x 125 x 76 inches, a quotation would be required before the item is shipped. This is necessary to determine if additional handling fees or special arrangements would be required
  4. Why do I have to pay insurance on certain items? – Items which are considered fragile require additional insurance to be shipped so the cost of the goods can be recovered in the event of damage, also packages equal to or over 50 pounds in actual or volumetric weight being shipped via air will be subjected to insurance.
  5. If my package is damaged or lost, will I be compensated? – Members would not be compensated for damages or packages that are lost outside of Cargo United possession. Members would be fully reimbursed for items that are lost whilst in the possession of Cargo United. All items that are damaged whilst in the possession of Cargo United would be covered by our Default Insurance up to the value of $100.00 USD. Members whose items carry additional insurance would be fully reimbursed up to the value of the item.
  6. What is a consolidation? – A consolidation is a collection of individual shipments to create one large shipment. Consolidations usually benefit from better rates as rates decrease as weight increases.
  7. How do I request ocean shipments? – First, you need to ship to the Miami address, then a ticket has to be created in the Support Center under the help topic (Miami) Ocean Shipment request and details such as your name, Box ID number, email address, telephone contact, Method of Shipment and your Ship to your local office.
  8. Are ocean shipments cheaper than air? – Ocean shipments may not necessarily be cheaper than air. Ocean freight is charged based on the size or volumetric weight of your package, and not the actual weight. Therefore, the bigger your package, the more your ocean freight charge would be.
  9. Is there a special fee for ocean shipments? – No special or additional fees are required for ocean shipments

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